“…They were brave warriors, ready for battle…”

I Chronicles 12:8


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Progress and Joy In the Faith: The Laings' New Dream of Serving God and His People

For the first time in decades, Sam and Geri Laing are no longer on church staff. They are seeking to serve God and his people in a special way at this new season. They have not retired from serving our Lord, but instead, want to continue to be used by him to encourage, strengthen, and teach his people and his churches. Read More

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Warrior Gear

We have partnered with Disciples Custom Apparel to offer official Warrior Gear. The products below have been chosen by Sam Laing and we hope they will be useful to you and your local Warrior Squad.


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Meet The Warrior Team

The Warriors who will be leading us to battle on this website are family members. Sam Laing, the author of Warrior and The Warrior Workbook, is the senior member of the group. His sons, David and Jonathan Laing, and his sons-in-law, Kevin Thompson and Jesse Ghoman, are partners together with Sam in this endeavor to inspire men of all generations to be Warriors for God.

We hope our efforts here will be used by our Lord to encourage, ignite and renew your zeal to fight the good fight of the faith!


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